Esther is a certified Nia Blue Belt Instructor, a Yoga Teacher, and a qualified Registered Nurse. She has been dancing Nia for 13 years and loving it all the way! Follow her at In her own words…

Esther GieringerI was first introduced to Nia in early 2005 by Trainer, Roberta Mohler at a Network Spinal Care “Clear Day” in Toronto. I was immediately captivated by the music and the permission to move my body and use my voice freely. Later in 2005 I was thrilled to see Wendy Roman’s poster for Nia in Owen Sound. I joined her classes right away and Nia has continued to be a big part of my life ever since. Nia has helped me to get stronger and heal in Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit. The fusion of the Dance Arts, Martial Arts and Healing Arts has helped me to express and confidently use my voice in and outside of class. It has helped me to move my body in pleasure and joy without any guilt or shame. Nia has been a tremendous healer for me and continues to enrich my life each and every day.

I look forward to sharing my passion and love for Nia with you. Let’s dance!  

For details about Nia or Yoga classes, contact her.

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  • Certified Nia Blue Belt Instructor