Esther Gieringer is an evolutionary artist from Canada. She is a singer/songwriter, visual artist (posters) and poet. She is also a member of the International Directory of Evolutionary Artists – IDEA, Check out her profile here

sacredEsther has the desire to plant seeds in our collective consciousness for a paradigm shift that will lovingly influence the evolution of our collective destiny. Embracing a culture of empowerment, she gives voice to her wisdom that comes from a haunting and deep place within. For several years she has been harvesting her learning and is now beginning to share her harvest with others, with the intention of positively impacting our world. She sheds light on some of the experiences which have helped to shape the woman she is today. She creates posters and writes songs, poems, skits and monologues about her personal experiences regarding her life as a girl, woman, mother and grandmother. She presented two of her monologues as a cast member of Her Stories 2013. With heartfelt honesty, compassion and a genuine motivation to help others, she uses her voice to empower women and children, and to enlighten the professionals who work with them. She is a founding member of HER Grey Bruce and the coordinator for One Billion Rising Owen Sound.

 My Experience is My Expertise!

As a poster artist, she has designed many inspirational posters, some of which were published in a Calendar in 2016 and an Inspirational Journal in 2018 based on the book, ‘magicNine‘ by author Baisakhi Saha, and also used in numerous events.

Below is a video gallery of some of her artistic creations.